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    do you update windows??


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    do you update windows??

    Post by britfrog on Wed Dec 28, 2016 10:13 am

    almost all of us have differing ideas about whether one should use the windows update feature or not, Personally i have always had my automatic updates turned off so that it doesnt interfere and try downloading or updating stuff when i am busy and need the p.c. to be fast and uninterrupted. However the problem with this is when a month or two later you realise that things need updating the process can be quite long as the windows server now is very slow. Some internauts suggest this is purposely done to force people onto win 10, who knows? Whatever it can be quite a lengthy pain.

    What is clearly an enormous pain now is if you have to do a full windows re-installation and once you get SP1 installed you have a further 192 updates to install, this can take ages , like a few days!! some magazine sites have headlined a few important updates once installed make the remaining uploads faster, but it is still a task, so it is clear , now more than ever , that a good backup of windows is very important , in fact more important than ever before.

    I also think that we need to rethink the update issue, I fully respect those that use their p.c. for FSX and do not update their p.c. because it is working fine recently I installed an update to Skype or something similar i forget exactly what prog but the outcome  caused a lot of grief, the updated program clearly expected to work with some other updated windows file , which I clearly hadnt updated , it brought my p.c. to its knees, expecting to once again have to go through the whole re-installation scenario again i tried to update windows, and after installing 3 updates my p.c once again ran correctly, so a lesson was learnt

    Another snippit that I found on the internet  is interesting,  to note and that is if you now have your automatic windows update turned off, or even to download the updates and inform you  , it will now not do so, even if you ask it to find the latest downloads , it will not , it goes through the motions, takes forever until you lose patience and turn it off. you must now have updates enabled for it to work at all!!
    I now have enabled my automatic updates and will monitor whether it impedes my flying at all.

    Lastly I know that many of you do not use an antivirus , because years ago they had an effect on p.c. performance, that being as it may have been , i have used norton for years and never noticed any performance hit , even 15 years ago, however now it is getting expensive to install on about a dozen hard drives in our household , so recently i installed  the free 360 security program and have to say I am impressed!  There is so much malware around these days it really is not worth taking the risk , all you need is a bad email or a moments inattention, and you are up to your neck for a few days doing yet another re-installation, and that I am sure is something none of us look forward to.
    Your thoughts are welcome on this subject.

    As A P.S. to this i decided to try to update my recent !tb P3D drive as it only had Sp1 on it and would not get automatic updates at all, I followed the advice TO THE LETTER on this thread

    which took a few hours but it works!!!
    the one noticeable thing for me is how much faster the p.c. boots up and how much better P3D runs
    so for me the work was worthwhile as my p.c. now updates itself automatically correctly

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    Re: do you update windows??

    Post by donnybalonny on Thu Dec 29, 2016 8:18 am

    Thats a well written post

    Untill now I have updated win7 once every 6 month by turning automatic update on and be patient when things happen.
    I use Avast free antivirus.

    On my personal PC (flightsim forbidden) I use windows 10 and honestly, I have nothing against it so far. I have used it for 6 month.

    Thanks for the link. (just in case)

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    Re: do you update windows??

    Post by G-GMDH on Thu Dec 29, 2016 12:03 pm

    Well I bit the bullet last night and downloaded the 360 security anti-virus which seems very easy to use and started automatically updating my Win 7 O/S which I had set to all updates "switched off". So 24 hours later I am now set up for automatic updates which are working OK. I'm pleased to say that my Win 7 seems on the face of it to be still working but early days.

    I must admit being very impressed with the FREE 360 security anti-virus software so thank you Nigel for your very informative article.


    PS 360 Total Security removed as it mucked up my Google Chrome browser

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    Re: do you update windows??

    Post by tony.meredith on Thu Dec 29, 2016 6:19 pm

    Before retirement I ran my own computer service company for 15 years. Most of my work was fixing the piecemeal attempt of customers to update their computers only when they felt like it. Treating the operating system like a game with tweak this and leave that being the best way I know to screw up a business computer just as surely as a Flight Sim computer.

    If you never intend connecting the Flight Sim machine to the internet and I do mean never, then if it is working leave it alone if you wish. If you intend connecting to the net just once then it should be up to date with patches and have a decent anti virus programme at all times.

    If you don't trust MS to deliver patches that work as intended by all means leave the patch uninstalled for a day or so and check the net for reports of problems. If it works for the masses after 3-4 days then get the thing installed and stay up to date.

    I am well aware that MS have released some real turkey updates in the past but with Windows 10 they seem to have got their act together. Apple seem to have taken over the turkey's now; the last patch they released for the "Watch version 2" completely bricked it with no way back but to send it to a service centre.

    I have one machine that ran a fully patched Windows 7 and another that ran Windows 8.1. Both were upgraded to Windows 10 within a week of it being released. Between them now they have FSX, P3D v1 v2 and v3.4. I have no problem running any of these flight simulators in Windows 10 (latest release - patched) using a Saitek X52Pro controller system.

    I am aware that folks using Go Flight systems have problems with Win 10 USB drivers as they now limit power throughput. That is not a fault of Windows 10 which runs to specification in that respect. You simply have to remember FSX was never designed for anything other than Windows XP

    My understanding of the Go Flight products is that they advertise designed for Windows 7 and they don't intend upgrading that. At least you know which operating system will work your kit if you have Go Flight. They don't suggest not updating that system if patches are available. So, again, I recommend keeping your patches up to date.

    Remember unless you are running X-Planes you have a 32 bit programme at this time. It will only ever use 3GB of ram at most and unless you have P3D 3.4 your not going to see anything offloaded to a very expensive graphics card either.

    In closing can I wish one and all, all the best for the New Year and as someone once said, Humans are good at fouling things up but if you really want to foul something use a computer!

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    Re: do you update windows??

    Post by britfrog on Fri Dec 30, 2016 11:39 am

    I think most of us use Steves dx10 fixer with fsx which certainly stopped all the ctd's that we used to experience as it allows the gpu to communicate directly with the fsx therebye bypassing the cpu it also enables our p.c's to run a much higher VAS before memory issues raise their heads, I can generally get around 3.5gb's before things go tits up, much like P3D , however there is no replacement for having loads of memory IMHO , not that it aids fsx but that it enables one to run several more programs like planners and weather progs and now several a/c that run outside of FSX.
    Recent "whispers" from Orbx seem to indicate that they are involved with 3 64 bit simulators, the first officially announced being aerofly (which I think has enormous potential , the second one has to be P3D (hopefully)
    the third is anyones guess. Some have mentioned the DTG announcement , which has now been delayed to next year now , but I do not think they have the staff or skill set to create a 64 bit version of FSX, and why do it when LM must be looking at the same thing? so the third sim has to be X-Plane , leaving either DTG or LM out in the cold

    Time will tell
    It is interesting to see how some people have installed win10 and fsx with no problems at all, yet others have experienced quite the opposite , I have been a tester for windows since windows 2000  and have to say that win10, for me, is the least desireable interface by far of all of them, which is why it has been removed from my main p.c. to one of my minor p.c's to "play" with whilst i have 6 hard drives in my main p.c all with independent versions of win7 and all protected by an assortment of antivirus programs.

    It is also worth noting that windows 10 was guilty of one of the biggest p.c. crashes i have ever experienced in 25 years it completely trashed 3 drives and if I had not realised what was happening the remaining three would have followed as well ,as it is it has taken me just about a year to get back to where i was this time last year

    One of our members "Jaydor" is currently installing win10 having suffered a malware attack recently I am sure he will keep us updated with his experiences as he goes along as he has lots of add-on instruments etc

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    Re: do you update windows??

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