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    Post by G-GMDH on Tue Nov 22, 2016 2:11 pm

    In this tutorial you are going to make auto gen trees to add to your newly created photo real scenery of Toronto in Canada.

    You will need to download the following free software courtesy of SceneryDesign.Org and here is the link

    Open up ScenProc and set up the Options as follows, your paths maybe different than my computer.

    The next task is to download a "shape file" containing Open Street Map Data.

    You will need the co-ordinates for the area to download, this is easy as you already have these in FSET showing the top left and bottom right corners. However you have to convert these into decimal no problem as this web site will do it for you. Here is the link

    Now go to the site to download the "shape file" and here is the web site link Using the built in tools you can draw a shape similar to your scenery to cover the area for auto gen.

    Press the extract button and then waite a few minutes for the folder to be generated.

    The service will also send you an email with the download link or you can download it from the web site.

    Once downloaded you have to un-pack the "Planet" zipped folder.

    Now open up ScenProc. You have to type the script making sure the correct path to your fset.

    You must then save this, in my case its saved as "AUTO GEN TREES" in the download folder on my C drive in Win 7.

    If you have problems here I am more than happy to send you a working folder. If you want different types of trees you can delete the code from the script indicated, type in "terrain", it will then list ALL the types of auto gen, in this example I have used "Cool Mixed Forest"

    Go to the un-zipped "Planet" folder and open it up and you need to locate the shape file folder, in here you need to copy all the files with the name "natural" usually about 5. Mine are in downloads on the C drive in Win 7.

    Now press the RUN button in ScenProc and the auto gen (AGN) files will be made automatically, in this case over 3000 in less than 14 seconds.

    The AGN files can be found in fset. The path is fset, Addon Scenery, FSEarthTiles, texture folder. These AGN files need to be saved in a texture folder and saved in your "Canada" photo real scenery FSX library folder which already has the scenery folder containing the photo real bgls.

    This is what it looks like in FSX.


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    Post by ddavid on Wed Nov 23, 2016 10:06 pm

    Outstanding - that's a really valuable tutorial, Mike. Many Thanks!

    Cheers - Dai. Cool

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