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    making a new airfield part 2 by 1z0JUB



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    making a new airfield part 2 by 1z0JUB

    Post by Admin on Mon Sep 21, 2015 12:30 pm

    Open Airport Design Editor 165 and make sure you are connected to the internet, it will update automatically.
    Setting Up
    Click on Settings top tool bar, select Options, a window will open like this....

    General Tab, enter your initials, then move across to the Folders Tab and set up all the folders for FSX and SDK and Save. Images select BMP as the FSET software has saved the satellite image as a BMP. Then onto the Project Tab, Save Projects to Folder, select which folder you want this to go to in your computer. Select Compile to Specific Folder. Select Do Not Save XML. Press Save.

    Now go to top left hand corner press File and select New Airport and this window will open....

    Complete all the information Lat, Long, altitude, Airport ID etc. Under other Data make no changes. Press Save.
    Right mouse click on the working area, anywere in the yellow zone, a new window will open, select Add, go down the list and select Image.

    Click the button top right hand corner and select your saved satellite BMP image from the Works folder of FSET. Tick the Enter Corner Coordinates and enter the top left and bottom right that you recorded from FSET. If Long is negative make sure you put this in the decimal figures. Press Save. Your satellite image should appear like magic in your working area.
    Right click the mouse and Press Add and select what you want to add, ie Runway, Runway Start, Library Object, Generic Building, Windsock etc. Once the object is placed you can change sizes, direction etc, eg runway position, length, width by clicking on it and selecting Edit from the window.

    Then make a polygon around the airfield. Click on the GREEN polygon symbol on the tool bar draw the ploygon, double click and select Airport Backround in the top list and Flatten in the bottom list. Press OK.

    Almost there, now go to File top left hand corner, select Compile Airport and save the files into a sub folder "scenery" which is contained in a main folder eg "Airfieds UK". To check everything is OK, open the new "Airfields UK" folder this will show the "scenery sub folder, open this and you should see 2 files one ending in bgl and the other CVX.bgl.
    Add "Airfields UK" into FSX in the normal way you would add additional scenery to the library.


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