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    Post by G-GMDH on Thu Oct 29, 2015 3:39 pm


    Well I decided to redo my Jersey this time in 0.5M/PIX to see if it improved over the FSET default 1M/PIX. I really couldn't see much difference. I also decided to do the compression quality at 85% as the Italian guy who wrote this software says don't use 80% as you loose quality. Personally I cannot see any differences but will stick with the 85% for now.

    My original Jersey at 0.5M/PIX and 100% compression quality was 650 Mb.

    My new Jersey 0.5M/PIX and 85% compression quality is 158 Mb that's a heck of a lot of HD space saved for a very small island.

    So to sum up the satellite images over Jersey are not high definition by any standards and doing them at the better resolution in FSET has no improvement in quality IMHO.

    So as DB rightly says it is down to the higher quality needed in the satellite images that is so important for making home made scenery.

    "GIGO", garbage in garbage out.

    It's been an interesting and fun ride...........................

    Cheers, M



    It suddenly hit me over super that all the documentation I have been reading about FSET and satellite images dates back to 2008 and earlier. So I guess that the satellite images were very poor quality and that is why 80% compression quality was not recommended in FSET. However now with far better quality images we are able to use this new setting and not notice any degradation in the image quality.

    Perhaps MSE are using those very old satellite images?

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